My name is Tracey Carton and I came into Midwifery as a mature student when I was in my forties and quickly developed a passion for this amazing career choice. When I qualified I worked in a busy hospital in Birmingham working on delivery suit and on postnatal wards. I then came back to Leicester and worked as a community Midwife where part of my role was to present parent craft classes, this led me to develop a keen interest in antenatal education. I also have experience in providing antenatal and postnatal education to teenage mums.

I was previously a Beauty Therapist and I’m now a Pregnancy Therapist offering hypnobirthing, Pregnancy Massage and several Beauty treatments. I am also trained in Hypnobirthing and teach Pregnancy Yoga, Baby massage and Baby Yoga. Baby Massage and Yoga has many benefits for mum/dad and baby and enhances bonding and interaction, which plays an important part of parenting.

Hypnobirthing is a wonderful way to normalise the birthing process and provide parents with the tools to give them a positive experience on their birth journey. It will give you the confidence in yourself and will teach you to understand and trust your body.

I am married to Eugene and have three lovely children, a son Joe and two daughters Rebecca and Lydia and a gorgeous Granddaughter. Becoming parents was a huge learning curve for us, and I now realise how little we both knew about pregnancy, babies and parenting.

I wasn’t a Midwife when I had my children and the only book available was Emma’s Diary! and of course, all those years ago when my son was born there wasn’t any internet… so no Google!! This has led me to be passionate and determined to provide antenatal education and support to parents which will help give them confidence in their new roles.

Hi i’m Nicola, I’m married to Simon and we have three beautiful children, Florrie, Mabel-Anna and Freddie. My births were all ,normal very different and positive, this shows that births are all individual and are never the same. I have over 25 years experience in the NHS and previous to becoming a Midwife I worked as a registered Nurse in a variety of intensive care settings.

The birth of my first daughter then led me to commence my midwifery training, and as well as becoming a Midwife I’m a trained Hypnobirthing Practitioner and presently work as a community Midwife.

I take great joy and privilege in supporting couples along their birth journey working. This includes covering the ' On Call ' Homebirth service ,and supporting women antenatally and postnatally. This role puts me in a unique position to provide research based and realistic information, for a positive birth experience, also empowering women and their partners to make the right choices.

My passion for teaching and supporting couples in pregnancy, birth and caring for a new baby led to Storktalk being established in 2011. Birth is an important dynamic life changing experience. Our classes will teach you techniques for birth, to help you overcome fear, reduce pain, and feel more confident, trusting your own natural instincts regardless of where and how you birth.


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