Evidence shows that women cope better with labour and birth if they have gained some antenatal knowledge beforehand. This helps to reduce fear and anxiety which enables women to feel empowered and in control of what is happening to their bodies.

Storktalk offer individual one to one sessions in the comfort of your own home. These sessions will be individualised and tailored to your needs, this makes the sessions flexible and can be arranged to suit your availability.

We recommend a minimal of 3 hours. The cost is £30 per hour.

For further information or booking please

e: info@storktalk.org.uk


e: traceycarton@tiscali.co.uk

Call on 07702608804

The antenatal session/sessions will include

You will be provided with a folder containing up to date information for you to refer to

Please note that the information provided by Storktalk is not for advice. The information is to help you make independent informed choices, therefore we do not accept any responsibility for your decisions. We do not partake in clinical care, this will be done by your hospital or community midwife.

For further information or booking please

email info@storktalk.org.uk

or call on 07960671597

Soon-to-be parents reading paternity information

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